Bronco Build

Assembly time is well underway on the bronco race truck. Then on it’s way to Reno Hot Nights and a few races as well! Sad to see it go, also happy to see it done!

Ford Custom Fabrication

While some may slap an old diesel in a truck frame and hammer an old cab on it, we do things a ‘little’ differently. Nobody really sees what is underneath and what it takes to get it to this point. From the quality parts, engineering, design and skilled fabrication to the final execution, it happens here. Front end going together, fiberglass getting mounted…it’s almost a complete truck again!


Some pics of the fabrication work that goes on behind the shop door. Race trucks, race cars, mig welding, tig welding for all metals (including titanium if you have the budget), cnc plasma cutting availability, tube bending, suspension components, shock service/rebuilds, a (previously) certified FIA rollcage specialist, we specialize in custom fabrication as well as performance suspension mechanical work.

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